Thursday, December 5, 2013

Due Diligence is Important in a Variety of Business Transactions.

The due diligence process should not be limited to buying or investing in a business. It should be conducted in a variety of business transactions, including if you are becoming a partner in a new or existing business, licensing intellectual property, or a taking on a new business partner. And, if you are considering selling your business or taking on new investors, conduct due diligence on your business first so that potential issues can be resolved before they are discovered by a potential purchaser or investor.

Due Diligence and the Business Transaction: Getting a Deal Done (Apress 2013) is a practical guide to due diligence for anyone buying or selling a privately held business or entering into a major agreement with another company or business partner. The book will help you understand when to conduct due diligence, whom to include, and how to spot the red flags that signal danger. In addition, you will learn:

· How to conduct due diligence when contemplating a variety of business transactions, including a business loan, purchase of a business, investment, commercial real estate transaction, franchise opportunity, or licensing deal

· How to calibrate the correct scope and breadth of the due diligence investigation depending on your situation

· How the results of due diligence may and often will change the elements of the final deal

· How to draft due diligence documents so they protect your interests.

The book is available at or on Amazon.